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We are an authorized DJI store located in Osaka, Kitahama.

DJI Store

DJI Store

ICT for Agriculture

In the past, farmers had to walk around the farmland and check by hand to see if their crops were stressed or sick. Confirmation takes time and effort, and when the crop grows and becomes dense, it becomes a heavy burden. But with DJI’s Phantom series, these checks can be done quickly. The Phantoms series is easy to carry and has the best flight time in the industry. 

Drone School

The accuracy of information taken by Drones is very crucial for any type of consultation. The quick your custom needs the results report and time constraint, requires a special skills of Configure, Plan and deploy the vehicle’s mission. Therefore, we already taught about this, we have a drone school for a convenient price. We provide expert and certified professional pilots.


For children living in a society where it is required to use computers in all kinds of activities in the future, the ability to properly select and use information means (ICT) to solve various problems regardless of employment in the future (programming) Thinking) is needed. The first step is to know how a computer works.
Drone programming teaching materials aiming to promote the “awareness” of good programming by first experiencing the fun, fun, and achievement experience, and to increase the willingness to “use more” and “use well”.
We believe that teaching children to have fun begins only if the teacher is fun.

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